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1. I just found this website. What exactly is

First of all welcome to the site. We're happy you found us, and we are eager to assist you in any way we can. is technology advice website founded by tech journalist Andy Walker. On this site you'll find no nonsense advice on dealing with computer issues each and every one of us can come across on any given afternoon. From computer motherboards to video cards, and RAM to operating systems. If it has to do with a computer, it's here. So please look around, enjoy the site, and we hope you enjoy the experience as much we do having you here.

2. Who is Andy Walker?

Andy Walker is one of the premier tech journalists in North America. Andy became involved in technology while working at the Edmonton Journal newspaper. His fun and friendly tech help column "TechnologyTips" became syndicated across the Southam newspaper chain across Canada (now owned by CanWest Global). The "TechnologyTips" column was named by his brilliant editor Peter Collum. Andy launched in 1998 and added the domain a few years later. Since then Andy has worked on many technology based projects including a 2-year stint at, a digital lifetsyle magazine start up in Berkeley called Dig_iT and and co-host of the internationally known show "Call for Help". Andy's recent endeavors include hosting "Call for Help, Web Gems", co-founder of the vidcast "Lab Rats", and author "The Absolute Beginners Guide to Security, Spam, Spyware, and Viruses."

3. Lab Rats? You mean you guys do animal testing?

No, PETA members need not be concerned. Lab Rats is a video-cast about technology you already own. If you are curious how your DVD player works, or which audio format is best or even how a codec works then LabRats, a TV show on the Internet, is where you can learn more. It's technology done informatively, and with all seriousness set aside. It is available for download via the Lab Rats web page, or through iTunes and other podcast directories.

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