Vista: reformat and reinstall

Vista is the newest operating system from Microsoft's Windows series. Its newness is in no way a guarantee of smooth sailing. In fact we guarantee you'll have to wipe the system clean and reinstall it once a year. Here's a few lessons on how to do that so that Vista works like new.

This just in: Do you hate Vista and want XP back? Here's how to dump Vista and go back to XP.

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How to reformat and reinstall Windows Vista

Before you decide to reformat and reinstall your Windows Vista, there are several important things to consider.

More ways to clean up Vista

Wiping your system clean and reinstalling Windows Vista is a time-consuming project.

Learn Vista the easy way

New DVD introduces computer enthusiasts to Windows Vista, Microsoft's new operating system.

Easy reinstall for Windows Vista

If you want to take advantage of Windows Vista's new reinstall option from the desktop, start with this article.

Wipe Vista in two steps: Part 1

This two-part process shows you how to edit your BIOS and then boot from your Vista install DVD, then wipe the Vista partition and put a fresh copy of the operating system on it.

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• Compare Vista versions

Did you know there are nine versions of Windows Vista? Here's a breakdown.

• Wipe Vista and start fresh: Part 2

In this second step of the Vista reinstallation, wipe the hard drive and install a fresh copy.

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